My two children keep me on my toes as a parent and a photographer and have really spurred on my love of natural, unposed images. Those little details from everyday life that are so tempting to try and neaten up or tidy away for a photograph, but that tell us so much more about their character and their story. The spilled-out toy boxes, the uneaten toast crusts, the beloved superhero outfit that's been worn for 10 days straight. These are the moments I want to preserve for my family and yours.

I love working creatively and spent 14 years in the design and marketing world, so I bring all that creativity, planning and organisation to my work as a photographer too. I also understand that there are some things you can't plan for. How your child will feel being photographed or their mood on the day. Making them feel happy and relaxed is my top priority, so I always spend time getting to know them and fully interact with them throughout the session, getting involved with (and encouraging) all the cheeky silliness. By the time I leave, I'm generally on first name terms with all of their toys!